Our team has considerable and varied experience of residential design in the UK and Europe, ranging from private housing to larger scale residential developments. Our best buildings have been achieved when the client has sought a flexible and imaginative response to a challenging site or brief.

The practice has worked on a wide range of projects including, in the UK, the recently completed Stratford Courtyard Housing in east London , constructed in timber and fitted into a car park, and a concept for houses with garages for Bicester Village. We have completed a number of high end single residential unit renovation with extensions in London, Spain and an historic residential renovation in Italy.

Also in Italy we are working on a complex hillside site overlooking Lake Como. In England we have delivered a common part renovation and conversion of a roof into a garden in a converted brewery in London and built a new house in Wendover.

In previous capacity Laura delivered a development of 20 villas in Dubai.

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