Civic & Culture

We have many years of experience in this sector. Cagni William works both nationally and internationally, normally with teams brought together to suit the needs of the project, to create outstanding buildings that deliver for the wide variety of stakeholders.

The studio has worked on a number of civic & culture projects including the Welcome Collection in London, UK, the Learning Campus in Sandwell, Birmingham, UK, Crear Creative Studios in west coast of Scotland and designs for the Sevenoaks Nature & Wellbeing Centre in the UK, the Black Country Living Museum in the UK, the Klaipeda Library in Lithuania, the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki and Bicester Airfield in the UK.

In a previous capacity Edward was part of the team that delivered Glyndebourne Opera House in the UK, and the large mixed use project for the Dubai World Trade Centre, along with Wildscreen in Bristol, UK, the first phase of the Welcome Collection in London, UK, and the West Wing Ickworth House renovation in Suffolk, UK.

Laura in her previous capacity was part of the team that delivered the Forum in Norwich, UK, the Brent Civic Centre, in London, UK, the Cattle Market mixed use development in Bury St Edmunds, UK, the renovation and construction of the Musée des Beaux Arts in Nancy, France, the renovation of the Musée André Malraux in Le Havre, France and the requalification of the Trade Show Park in Nancy, France.

Both Edward and Laura were part of the team that delivered a concept for the Cyprus Cultural Centre.

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Civic & Culture