6th December 2022

Annual Studio Retreat

In November our client kindly hosted the whole team at the London Business School for our annual studio retreat. This is an occasion we look forward to every year as it’s a chance to get together without distractions to discuss the big picture, challenge the status quo, and refresh our horizons. Then we align ourselves as a practice in the direction we want to go.​​​​

Since then, we have been working on delivering the goals and made significant progress, proving that when we all face the same direction the speed of progress increases and so does the motivation.

The most challenging and exciting topic is always defining where we want to be in three-five-ten years. We also discussed a profit share scheme and were able to announce a one month paid sabbatical after five years of practice. These benefits are much needed and well-deserved in our industry, and we're proud to be able to offer them to our valued team members.