27th January 2023

Balkrishna Doshi architect, our tribute

This article was published before we changed our practice name, from Edward Williams Architects to Cagni Williams

Balkrishna Doshi architect, Pritzker Architecture Prize winner (2018) and recently RIBA Royal Gold Medal winner(2022), died this month at the age of 95. We offer our tribute to an architect we greatly admire and who defined architecture as “life”.

His other legacy as an educator who formed a generation of Indian and international architects is as precious as the legacy of his great buildings.

"I spent one of my nicest birthdays in Ahmedabad, in 2011, finally able to walk around Doshi’s buildings, full of both texture and rigour at the same time, innovative and people focused. Since my university years, although I never met him, Doshi has been part of my education and very familiar to me as a member of the entourage of De Carlo, who was my professor in Italy, and both were members of Team 10. What a great architect and educator."

Laura Carrara-Cagni, Director, Edward Williams Architects