29th November 2023

Innovation in delivery and design

The build-to-rent (BTR) development also featured in the Housing Londoners report published by NLA this September. The report examines what...

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29th September 2023

New-built can compete with retrofit homes in carbon stakes - Financial Times

Edward Williams’s comment on Hugo Cox's "Rebuild or renovate: the embodied carbon conundrum" was published on the Financial Times on the...

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28th July 2023

Is it better to retrofit or build new in terms of life cycle CO2e Emissions?

Our research shows that well designed new build projects are similar in embodied energy per m2 when compared to retrofit projects.


22nd June 2023

In conversation with Chris Davidson, leading heat pump technology expert

Edward Williams and Laura Carrara-Cagni in conversation with Chris Davidson, Chief Technical Office, Genius Energy Lab, UK

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13th April 2023

How to 3D print a 2D surface terrain directly from Revit

At Edward Williams Architects we like to innovate and discover novel solutions for resolving software and architectural issues. We believe...


13th January 2023

In conversation with Josh Meyer, leading life science expert

This is the first in a series of conversations with experts for sectors we have been, and are still, involved in to bring together their and our expertise, summarising best practices and exploring future opportunities.

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25th October 2021

Cross bracing

At the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital internal shear walls have been replaced during design by external cross bracing which is...


28th May 2020

"How will Covid-19 change the design of health facilities?" Architect's Journal

"... Laura Carrara-Cagni, director at Edward Williams Architects, which designed the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital in...


13th February 2020

ULI Life Science & Healthcare Forum kick off

" Life science property demand (or laboratories within buildings) is changing within Europe. Research has become collaborative and...


10th December 2019

A new way forward: back to imperial measurement

We are very pleased to read that Boris Johnson has taken up our imperial measurement system suggestion ( ) that we...


12th September 2019

Is the 51% attack a fatal flaw that will stop blockchain uptake in the property sector and beyond?

Blockchain is in the news again and for all the right, and wrong, reasons; Facebook has just announced the launch of Libra, its own digital...


30th August 2019

Laura and Edward discuss the merits of compact living and reveal their top tips on how to make small spaces work hard and feel light and spacious

How important is it to live and work in places that have a feeling of space? Is bigger better?Edward. “It’s a human tendency to want more...


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